The Facemodeling Programme is a trademark technique of modeling and rejuvenating of the face.

It is a complex method helping to restore a youthful appereance and moreover acheive an equilibrium of the whole system. Through the use of holistic methods and multitissue stimulation of the face we acheive longterm and visible results in the improvement of beauty and health.

Facemodeling is a highly effective multitherapy and an alternative for more invasive treatments.

It effectively slows down the biological ageing process and starts the cell regeneration process.

More often than ever we receive clients who seek safety, comfort and trust, only provided by natural therapies and highly experienced professionals. More freqently a “non modified” look is valued, natural beauty and health written all over our face is our best calling card. From this the vision of Facemodeling Academy flourished and the search for natural methods of regeneration and rejuvenation of the most important part of our body, our face, began.

The training programme consists of a 4 day theoretical and practical course, in which we will touch upon the following issues.

Basics of anatomy (emphasizing on the musculuskeletal system)

Biomechanics of ageing of the face

The “vicious circle” and its influence on the deformities of the face shape

Rehabilitation of the face and its meaning

Methods of rejuvenation that you will learn about on the 4 day training programme:


Muscular and fascial deep massage


Therapy used to improve mobility of tissues


Natural method of retaining youthfulness


Innovatine method of refining wrinkles and getting rid of swelling of the face.


Inner tissue massage performed on the inside of the mouth/ rehabilitation of the face.


Vacuum massage/ cupping treatment for the improvement of the lymphatice system.

Who is this course for?

This course is dedicated for therapists with advanced manual abilities, phisiotherapists, cosmetologists and individuals with lenghtly massage techniques experience.

The course ends with a theoretical and practical exam.

Exam must be taken withing 6months of ending the course.

The exam certificate allows to use the Facemodeling technique and the individual is entered on a certified list of professionals recommended by Facemodeling Academy on the offical webstie.

To upkeep the highest standards and quality of the technique it is required to participate in a retraining programme yearly.

A valuable asset of the theoretical and practical course is the individual approach provided. The courses are organized in groups of 2-4 people, the course concentrates mainly on the practical skills.

Testimonials about Facemodeling Academy Training

Very professional training. Aneta impresses with both the knowledge she gives and with all her positive energy, enthusiasm, which you can not not get infected with, attitude.
The therapy itself is extremely interesting and effective.
Training days are ove - now is the time to implement the acquired knowledge into practice. And here you can also count on support. Anetko - thank you so much! I recommend training, and above all the treatment itself 100% (and even more) !!!


I know the magic of Aneta Hregorowicz's- Gorlo hand for many years. I also learned about the facemodeling of her authorship. Because I'm a cosmetologist by profession with many years of experience, I can only encourage each lady to take advantage of this extremely effective service. This is the right person in the right place. Her holistic approach to working with the skin, after which there are real effects and taking care of the beautiful "setting" of the treatment, makes taking care of yourself enters a completely new level of experience. I recommend heartily ❤ ❤ ❤


Facemodeling effects are amazing. In addition to a great mood and a smile after the treatment comes out with a youthful glow. As a person trying to live in harmony with nature, I am delighted that such wonders can be done without complicated apparatus and chemistry. Huge knowledge and experience Ms. Anetka is a big asset but it is her personality and good energy that make the whole thing. Absolutely recommended! 🙂


Training .... incomparably fantastic. The enormity of knowledge and science raised from the Facemodeling Academy changed the perception of my profession. The new perception of the faces of my pupils brought a lot of joy and passion to everyday therapy.
And Aneta herself ..... a brain full of knowledge and experience. I recommend it to everyone.



When you decide to participate in the Facemodeling Academy project, you enter a completely new, holistic dimension of the innovative approach to facial rejuvenation.

You can be sure that your specialization will make you stand out in the increasingly demanding market of aesthetic services.

Information and registration


Upcoming course dates:

28-31 January 2020
25-28 February 2020

If you have any questions send message via the contact form or call –

tel: (+48) 508165593