BIO-esthetic Kinesiotaping in Your Clinic™ – Online Course (One Year Access)


The BIO-esthetic Kinesiotaping in Your Clinic™ videobook is an excellent and complete compendium of knowledge, combined with a detailed practical presentation.

From the historical background, to definitions, to the most important applications in specific cases, step by step you will gain practical knowledge and skills that will allow you to confidently use this wonderful therapeutic method in your practice.

There are many benefits of using kinesiotaping or dynamic plastering in natural face therapies, aesthetic medicine, dentistry or rehabilitation.

BIO-esthetic kinesiotaping can help face lift, eliminate muscle tension, lymphatic stasis in the face, neck and cleavage and restores proper breathing path.
It is an extremely important and highly effective element of biological regeneration, an effective form of aesthetic rehabilitation of face, neck, cleavage and bust tissues. A great method, without which the rehabilitation or therapy of facial wellness becomes incomplete.

That is why we are giving this videobook into your hands. Its simple form and thoughtful composition will allow you to quickly and easily get the most important information, basic concepts, and principles of BIO-esthetic kinesiotaping.

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You will learn the most effective tape applications to support and enhance the results of your treatments and therapies. You’ll find applications for specific aesthetic or health challenges you encounter in your everyday practice.

You will learn how to support biostimulation and tissue regeneration after facial nerve paralysis with plasters, which application should be used to relax the masseter muscle, make the neck longer, model the cheeks or the face shape ​or lift the breasts.

You will discover excellent techniques of plastering for releasing tension and shaping muscles in the cleavage area, neck and face, as well as applications supporting lymphatic drainage, regenerating tissues e.g. after surgery or aesthetic medicine procedures.

Videobook Kinesiotaping BIO-esthetic in your clinic™ consists of a detailed video presentation and description of 19 specialized applications for:

  • diaphragm and breathing path activation
  • breast modeling and firming
  • relaxation and revitalization of pectoral muscles, rejuvenation of the neckline
  • regeneration and drainage of the neck area
  • modeling of the chin and the whole face oval line
  • revitalizing and regenerating applications after facial nerve paralysis
  • bio-revitalisation and drainage of the mid-face area
  • nose and lip furrow elimination
  • lifting of the forehead line including the upper eyelid
  • modeling of the cheek line
  • activation of nasal breathing through its stimulation
  • relaxation of masseter muscle and bruxism effect
  • smoothing out “lion’s furrow” wrinkles with the effect of elimination of migraine pain and relaxation

IMPORTANT  – Before purchasing access, specifically for sensitive skin, remember to always patch test the tape to make sure that you’re not allergic to the glue and that the tape is right for you (testing it on your wrist is easiest)!
Please reach out to customer support if you have any questions before purchasing.
The course is viewable through private online access (one year) only and is not downloadable, therefore we will not be able to issue any refunds after purchase. 

By purchasing a videobook BIO-esthetic Kinesiotaping in your clinic ™ you get a professional certificate attesting to your knowledge and skills, which will certainly allow to extend the offer in your clinic.

We invite you to join us.