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The original ritual of manual face lifting, combined with the power of magic Bian stones.
It is an extraordinary celebration bringing out the true essence and nature of femininity.
It is a ritual that restores the natural glow and radiance, and the aesthetic aspect, that is a kind of mirror reflection of the illuminated self within.

The course program of the 3-day stationary workshop, consists of a theoretical part, in which you will learn the basics of facial anatomy, understand the biomechanisms of aging and at the same time learn how to work with them to best select and develop a program of facial wellness.

During the 3-day Oshin Bian Technique™ massage and ritual practice, you will learn the perfect technique to lift, energize, and restore harmony, to the entire body.

All this will allow you to bring extraordinary skills to your practice, providing you with the most perfect and enjoyable ritual and the path to natural and perpetual beauty.

You will learn the unique techniques of Japanese lifting, acupressure and the ancient way to beauty, which the Bian stone sticks.

In addition to a deeply rejuvenating face, neck and décolletage massage, you will learn about breast shaping massage, an area that deserves major attention.

Its care and revitalization significantly improves not only the bio-aesthetics of the face, but also the health and harmony of the whole body.

Oshin Bian Technique™ is a original program consisting of manual work involving a unique technique of lifting and manual correction of the face, and advanced techniques based on the action of unique Bian sticks.

What does Oshin Bian Technique™ look like in the practice?

It is a 70 minute program to renew our face, which includes:

  • relaxing head and shoulder girdle massage
  • energizing and lifting of the bust area
  • manual aesthetic correction of cleavage, neck and face
  • Energizing and lifting massage with Bian stones
  • revitalization of the body and improvement of our life energy

Details and registration

Investment in the course is 3,000 PLN

Participants receive a set of Bian sticks, massage oil, and rich teaching materials.

The course is conducted in intimate groups of 8-12 people.

If you have any questions send a message through the contact form or call – tel: (+48) 889-889-351 – Eliza Dzwonek

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