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Facemodeling Program™ is a self-initiated facial rejuvenation and contouring technique.

This multifaceted method helps to restore the youthful appearance of the face, and entire body. Through a holistic approach and multi-tissue facial work, we achieve long-lasting and visible results to improve the beauty and health of the face.

Facemodeling Program™ is also an effective multi-therapy treatment that is a great alternative to invasive procedures

Our salons are increasingly visited by conscious clients looking for the safety and trust that natural therapies and high quality specialists give us. The “unmodified look” is increasingly valued, and the natural beauty and health written on our face becomes the best business card. That is why we created the whole vision of Facemodeling Academy program, where we explore the secrets of natural methods of rejuvenation and regeneration of that priceless part of our body which is our face.

To who is this course for?

The course is dedicated to therapists with advanced manual skills, physiotherapists, cosmetologists and people with several years of experience with massage techniques.

The course program is a 6-day scientific and practical session, divided into two modules during which the following issues will be discussed:

Basic anatomy with particular emphasis on the musculoskeletal system.

Biomechanics of facial aging.

“The vicious circle” and its effect on facial shape deformities.

Facial rehabilitation and its importance.

The rejuvenation methods you will learn at the 6-day scientific and practical session:


Myofascial and fascial deep tissue massage


A therapy used to improve tissue mobility


A natural way to keep looking young


An innovative method of smoothing out wrinkles and reducing facial swelling


Intra-tissue facial massage for deeper access to facial therapy / facial rehabilitation


Vacuum massage / glass bubble therapy for improved lymphatic drainage

The course concludes with a practical and theoretical exam.

It should be undertaken from 3 to 6 months after the completed study session.

Certification entitles to use the Facemodeling program, and is included on the list of offices recommended on the Facemodeling Academy website.

In order to maintain the highest standards and quality of work, one year after receiving authorization, additional workshops will be held, verifying skills in the use of the Facemodeling method.

A personalised approach

A valuable asset of the scientific and practical sessions is the individual approach to each participant. Sessions are organized in groups of 8-10 trainees, and the practical part covers most of the course time.

Please remember!

By choosing to participate in the Facemodeling Academy project, you enter a completely new, holistic dimension of innovative approach to the subject of facial rejuvenation.
You can be sure that your specialization will distinguish you on the increasingly demanding market of aesthetic services.

See reviews of Facemodeling Academy

Very professionally conducted course. Aneta impresses both with the knowledge she provides and with her attitude full of positive energy and enthusiasm, which you cannot help but be infected with.
The therapy itself is extremely interesting and effective.
The course went by so fast - now it is time to put the acquired knowledge into practice. And here you can also count Aneta's support. Anetko- thank you I recommend the training, and above all the treatment itself!


I have known the magic of Aneta Hregorowicz - Gorlo's hands for many years. I also got to know the effect of her facemodeling on my own skin. As I am a cosmetologist by profession with many years of experience, I can only encourage every lady to take advantage of this extremely effective service. Aneta is the right person in the right place. Her holistic approach to working with the skin, followed by real results and taking care of the beautiful "setting" of the treatment makes taking care of yourself enter a whole new level of sensations. I highly recommend ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


The effects of facemodeling are amazing. Besides feeling great and smiling after the procedure, you leave with a youthful glow. As a person who tries to live in accordance with nature, I am delighted that without complicated equipment and chemicals such miracles can be done. Anetka's huge knowledge and experience is a great asset but it is her personality and good energy that make the whole thing happen. I absolutely recommend!


The course is.... incomparably fantastic. The vast amount of knowledge and learning from the Academy has changed the perception of my profession. A new perception of the faces of my clients has brought a lot of joy and passion to the therapies performed by me every day.
And Aneta..... brain full of knowledge and experience. I recommend to everyone.
Do not forget the wonderful Agnieszka, who takes care of other details during the training.


Details and registration


If you have any questions call (11:00-16:00) : tel: (+48) 889-889-351 or send an e-mail:

The Facemodeling Program™ course consists of two mandatory modules
(I module 4 days, II module 2 days).


– investment in the course PLN 10,000 –


After the second (certification) module, trainees will be placed on the map of authorized practices.
After one year you should join the Facemodeling Program™ Master Class.
– investment in the course PLN 3,000 –