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BIO-esthetic kinesiotaping and dynamic plastering perfectly supports facelift, allows to eliminate muscle tension, lymphatic stasis in the face, neck and cleavage, restores proper breathing track.
It is an extremely significant and highly effective element of biological regeneration, an effective form of aesthetic rehabilitation of face, neck, cleavage and bust tissues. A great method without which rehabilitation or facial regeneration therapy becomes incomplete..

During the 1-day COURSE, consisting of 8 hours of theoretical and practical training
you will learn and discover the history of kinesiotaping, master the basics of anatomy, understand and adjust the most important kinesiological applications for specific purposes, step by step you will gain practical knowledge and skills that will allow you to freely use this wonderful therapeutic method in your studio.

The benefits of using kinesiotaping, or dynamic patching in natural face therapies, aesthetic medicine, dentistry or rehabilitation is actually plenty.

You will learn how to support biostimulation and tissue regeneration after facial nerve paralysis using plasters, which application should be used to relax the masseter muscle, lengthen the neck, shape the cheeks or the oval, or lift the breasts.

You will learn how to apply plasters to release tension and model muscles in the neckline, neck and face, as well as how to use them to aid lymphatic drainage and tissue regeneration after surgery or aesthetic medicine.

A major advantage of courses at our Academy is intimacy and individuality of the course conducted. Stationary training allows you to work with a coach/trainer, who constantly corrects and introduces you to the world of dynamic patching.

Details and registration

Investment in the course is 1,500 PLN

All participants receive teaching materials, a script, and a set of kinesiological tapes, which can be used at work in your office.

The course is conducted in intimate groups of 8-12 people.
Leader: Kazia Rafalska


If you have any questions send a message through the contact form or call – tel: (+48) 889-889-351 – Eliza Dzwonek